Why Classic?

Classic Janitorial gives you world-class cleaning paired with family-owned customer service. Something that no other company can offer you. Since 1992, Classic Janitorial Services has made customer satisfaction our #1 priority. We believe word of mouth is the best sales tactic, and there’s no better way to secure that than by providing unparalleled service.

At Classic Janitorial, customer feedback and communication is our most important method of quality assurance. To streamline this process and make it easier for our clients, we have developed technology that allows our customers to submit real-time janitorial reports and comments to a designated spreadsheet that is monitored 24/7. Using QR code technology, ANYONE using your facilities, employees, potential clients, or guests, are able to have their voice heard. The spreadsheet is shared with the client point of contact and can be reviewed easily to keep track of how we are performing in certain areas of your facility.

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